Science in Ukraine

Today, Ukrainian science is represented by around 60,000 researchers and 35,000 support staff working at

  • over 400 research organizations and 200 higher education institutions;
  • these are private enterprises operating in the non-government sector. As a rule, they are small enterprises whose personnel came from sectoral research organizations or academic research institutions, universities. They have found their narrow technological niches and there are examples of such enterprises becoming well-known and sought after both in Ukraine and abroad.
  • these are research and design units of large state-owned scientific production enterprises of UkrOboronProm, in which the strengthening of their own product development efforts revived their spirits.

Ukraine's most advanced scientific fields

  • nuclear research
  • advanced materials
  • aviation and space technology
  • IT technology
  • physics and astronomy
  • engineering sciences
  • biotechnology
  • agricultural technology

World-known Ukrainian inventions

  • Oil lamps, I. Lukasevych and Ya. Zeg, 1853
  • Electric tram, F. Pirotskyi, 1880
  • X-ray emission, I. Puliuy, 1880
  • Helicopter - I. Sikorsky, 1931
  • Сoal-mining machine, O. Bakhmutsky, 1932
  • Rocket engine, under the supervision of V. Hlushko, 1957
  • Mitral valve replacement, M. Amosov, 1963
  • Compact Disc (CD), Viacheslav Petrov, 1960s
  • Electric welding of organs and tissues, under the supervision of B. Paton, 1993
  • Face recognition program (Viewdle, a Ukrainian company acquired by Google), 2008
  • Flexible Fabric Supercapacitor, Lvivska Politekhnika, 2011
  • TechnoEyes - gloves for visually impaired people, Ivan Selezniov, 2013
  • Hemostatic medicine "Krovospas" (analogue of CELOX), Borei Research and Development Centre, 2015
  • Closest packing of spheres in 8- and 24-dimensional space, M. Viazovska, 2016