Genegal Secondary Education

A powerful state and a competitive economy are created by a well-knit community of creative individuals, responsible citizens, who are active and resourceful. This appears to be simple and clear. The question is where to find such citizens.

The Ministry of Education and Science claims that such citizens can only be raised. Indeed, children get their first impressions of themselves and of the world when they are in the family circle. However, a child's personality, civic position, moral qualities, and social contacts are formed during his or her first system-based independent activity, namely during the study.

That is why a central role in raising a citizen with a strong personality, who is a patriot and an innovator, should be played by the system of general secondary education – the New Ukrainian school. It should not only respond to changes occurring in society but should also be at the forefront of these changes and be their driving force.

16 176
million students
thousands teachers

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