Educational indicators (Dashboard)

Dashboard with education indicators allows all parents, teachers, school directors, local education officials, as well as experts of regional education departments and of all academic institutions to:

In the slide National perspective:

  • Review the geographical distribution of many key education indicators at the level of the school founder (territorial gromadas) for a few recent years, as well as geographical distribution of year-to-year changes to those indicators (for available years),
  • This review may be obtained for all gromadas, for gromadas belonging to a selected administrative type, and for gromadas located in selected region or regions,
  • Review the recent history of these indicators for the same groups of gromadas,

In the slide Budget profile:

  • Observe key budget characteristics of selected school founder (territorial gromada),
  • Review the budget situation of this gromada

In the slide Educational profile:

  • Observe key characteristics of local network of secondary schools in selected school founder (gromada),
  • Review the educational situation of this gromada

In the slide Local perspective:

  • Analyze in detail the selected education indicator in the selected school founder (gromada),
  • Analyze the position of the selected school founder in the context of comparable groups: all gromadas in the country, all gromadas in the oblast where selected gromada is located, all gromadas of the same administrative type as the selected gromada, 10% of all gromadas similar to the selected gromada in terms of its number of inhabitants (population decile) and in terms of its revenues per capita (revenue decile)

The dashboard presents available information about education in territorial communities using selected educational indicators. All data used for the calculation of educational indicators is statistical data of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine ("AIKOM" database) and the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine (database of the State Treasury Service of Ukraine and the state budget web portal for citizens "Open Budget"). The values of educational indicators can reflect not only the real situation, but also the potential weaknesses of official databases and the quality of data in them. In the event that the indicators presented in the dashboard reflect incorrect data from "AIKOM" or other state databases, local authorities authorities should inform the State Scientific Institution "Institute of Educational Analytics" and correct the relevant errors. The indicators also demonstrate the impact of the large-scale armed aggression of the Russian Federation starting with the data of the 2022/2023 academic year, reflecting the consequences of mass migration and the closure of destroyed schools.

The Dashboard developed within the Swedish-Ukrainian Project “Support to Decentralization in Ukraine