Directorate for Strategic Planning and European Integration

Objective: formulation of general approaches and generation of innovative ideas regarding development of education and science; analytical "think tank".

Directorate of preschool and school education

Objective: creation of conditions for receiving a general secondary education in an atmosphere of free creativity, receiving academic and life competencies, development of a highly educated, nationally conscious, honest and creative individual known how to think independently and act responsibly for developing open and democratic society.

Directorate of Inclusive and Out-of-School Education

Objective: education, upbringing and development of the child's personality on a basis of moral values; building a happy person, good at self-development and being motivated to community-minded activity; implementation of the state policy on formation of life skills for children with special needs, as well as capacity for independence and social adaptation, help their integration into society, and enforcement of their right to equal access to quality education.

Directorate of science 

Objective: enabling the formation of a competitive research and development sector in accordance with the current trends in the world scientific, the current and future needs of sustainable development of the Ukrainian economy, coordination of the processes of international scientific and technical cooperation with the goal of Ukraine's national interest efforts.

Directorate of Higher and Adult Education

Objective: formation and improvement of the interaction space of higher education institutions, participants of  educational process and stakeholders for the purpose of developing human capital assets, intellectual leadership and technological achievements on the principles of openness, competitiveness and quest for excellence in teaching and research to individual ends, economy and society.
Directorate of Professional Education

Objective: national skilled human resources and social skills of citizens.

Directorate for Innovation and Technology Transfer

Objective: providing conditions for development of innovation environment and implementing the results of Ukrainian R & D for the growth of the competitiveness of the national economy

Competition for occupying vacant posts

The final results of competitions for vacant posts for specialists in reform issues of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The Ministry of Education and Science summarized the results of the competition for the election of general directors of 7 directorates. The formation of these subdivisions and the competitive selection of their leaders is the result of implementation of the Strategy of Public Administration Reform in Ukraine for 2016-2020, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in June 2016.

The strategy is to improve the state governance system in line with the European standards set out in the SIGMA (Support for Improvement in Governance and Management) that is a joint initiative of the OECD and the European Union.

According to the Regulations on the Directorate a directorate is an independent structural subdivision of the ministry's office, directly subordinated to the State Secretary of the Ministry. A directorate is headed by its CEO and consists of expert groups that are formed to perform tasks in specific areas of activity. The expert groups comprise the government experts.