Mission, functions and strategy

In compliance with the  Regulation of the  Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine  (hereafter referred to as MES) is one of the central executive bodies. Its activity is based on the Constitution and Laws of Ukraine, decrees of the President, resolutions of Supreme Council of Ukraine passed in accordance with the Constitution and laws of Ukraine; Acts of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as well as other by-laws.

The MES Permanent Secretary, who is accountable and under the direction of the Minister, exercises the powers of the head of the government service in this department.

The structure of the office of the Ministry of Education is approved by the Minister, and the staffing table and estimates are approved by the Permanent  Secretary of the Ministry of Education in coordination with the Ministry of Finance.

Рowers and authority of MES

The main function of MES is the formation and implementation of the state policy in the field of education and science. The Ministry also directs scientific, technology and innovative activities, transfer of technologies as well as provides state supervision over the activities of especially educational institutions of all forms of ownership together with enterprises, institutions and organizations that provide educational services or act as third-party suppliers in those services provisioning. All the foregoing should be understood in an extended sense. Actually, the function of MES is not limited to the above list of activities.