Distance Education

Educational Institutions Offering the Opportunity of Distance Learning

Distance education means the opportunity of learning and acquiring required knowledge remotely at any time, at convenience. The Regulation on Distance Education and the Concept of Distance Education Development in Ukraine govern the rights and obligations of participants of the educational process.

Individuals having secondary, vocational, higher education, as well as those having ability to remotely perform assignments as necessary with the use of learning technology may learn remotely in Ukraine. The learning process is based on the use of various means of communication. After completion of a course, the students receive respective certificates.

The duration of learning programme for obtaining higher education is 6 years on the basis of secondary education. Secondary vocational education, 4.5 years. Higher non-legal education, 3 years.

Models of distance learning

  • on the basis of self-directed learning (external studies);
  • university studies;
  • cooperation of educational institutions;
  • autonomous educational institutions;
  • autonomous educational systems;
  • distance learning with the use of multimedia programmes.