The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and Nova Ukraine have announced collaboration

Published 21 September 2023 at 11:35

On August 28, 2023, representatives from Nova Ukraine met with Ukraine’s First Deputy Minister of Education and Science to address both the immediate needs and future educational development for Ukraine’s children. This joint effort would entail delivery of digital devices as well as the initiation of nationwide STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs. Nova Ukraine and The Deputy Minister concluded the meeting with signed Memorandums of Cooperation to confirm their collaboration and intentions.

Under the current circumstances, conducting face-to-face education in specific regions presents safety hazards. Regardless, the fundamental right to education is crucial for every individual. Therefore, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine together with its partners are endeavoring to reinstate educational process with MOES initiative  "School, We're Together," that explores alternative approaches to the educational process.

In order to overcome existing obstacles to effective online education, the Ministry of Education's partnership with Nova Ukraine is vital. In addition to providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine, their extensive ties to high tech companies in Silicon Valley, USA is invaluable to Ukrainian schools in need of laptops and other devices for online education.

All the above-mentioned represents just a portion of our collaborative efforts. Nova Ukraine will closely cooperate with the Ministry of Education and science of Ukraine to execute educational initiatives in Ukraine, taking into consideration the best global practices and methods to enhance the quality of education. As emphasized by the organization itself, the enduring objective of Nova Ukraine remains to instigate positive and lasting transformations in the educational experiences of Ukrainian children.