Electronic devices for children and teachers – from now on all the information is on the interactive map

Published 20 July 2023 at 16:20

The Ministry of Education and Science, together with the Ministry of Digital Transformation launched a dashboard that contains information about the distribution of computer equipment provided by development partners to students and teachers in the conditions of war. The dashboard is another crucial step in implementing a transparent policy of receiving and distributing assistance from development partners.

"Our team, together with the relevant ministry, is digitalizing education. Digital tools allow you to monitor each project, its dynamics, effectiveness, etc. The dashboard is another important step in the implementation of a transparent policy for receiving and distributing assistance from partners. Thanks to the dashboard, all data is open to civil society, the media and educators," said Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister for Innovation, Development of Education, Science and Technology, Minister of Digital Transformation.

The dashboard contains data from February 2022, and it can be filtered by regions, settlements, educational institutions, development partners, users (teachers/students), quantity, and type (laptop/tablet) of the provided equipment. The dashboard displays the locations of the devices, automatically calculates how many devices each specific educational institution has received, and identifies the remaining needs within every region.

"The dashboard represents a unique interactive map of Ukraine, where anyone can monitor the distribution of devices and obtain information about the provided assistance. Dashboard is a very important tool for us to ensure transparency in the process of distributing devices. The dashboard will allow parents, educators, communities, and the media to track the process of equipment distribution, while our development partners will have a convenient system for analyzing and assessing current needs," commented Deputy Minister of Education and Science, Dmytro Zavgorodniy.

Information on the dashboard will be regularly updated, based on reports from the regional education departments. These departments are typically responsible for receiving, transferring, registering, and monitoring the usage of the devices.

It's important not only to deliver the equipment to the locations but also to monitor its actual usage. Devices that are provided for educational purposes will automatically be connected to an electronic management system. As a result, the Ministry of Education and the Regional State (Military) Administrations will have access to real-time data regarding the status and actual usage of each laptop or tablet.

"The management system, for example, allows us and the regional authorities to quickly identify devices with malfunctions. This system also enables tracking the efficiency of gadget usage and responding promptly if they are misused” – noted Roksolana Shvadchak, the head of the Directorate of Digital Transformation at the Ministry of Education and Science.

The dashboard also features a feedback function. If there is no data on the received devices at an educational institution or vice versa - if an educational institution physically didn't receive devices despite being mentioned in the table everyone can inform MOES through a special form.

Currently, the overall need for devices for students stands at 500k, and the critical need is 253.4k. Providing students and teachers with equipment for work and learning is one of the initiatives under the MOES's initiative – "School, We Are Together!"

We would like to extend our gratitude to our partners and donors - Olena Zelenska Foundation, Google, HP, the European Union, the governments of Korea, Norway, Japan, Ireland, KOICA, Apple, UNICEF, World Vision, USAID, the Charitable Fund Spivdia, EU4Skills, and the Global Business Coalition for Education - for their financial support and assistance in delivering devices to the locations.