The only rules of enjoyment of VET schools dormitories will begin to operate for the first time in Ukraine – the Government adopted the relevant order.

Published 17 April 2019 at 13:04

Free accommodation, suitable category of apprentice, who have the right for the primary accommodation, listed equipment and property to be given by educational institution. All above-mentioned is listed in the Order of providing the accommodation to people, who are receiving the vocational education and training, - for once it establishes the unique rules of the use of dormitories for all VET schools. The Order was adopted today, on the 17th of April, 2019, by the Government of Ukraine.

“The issue of dormitories in the vocational education and training had not been regulatory resolved for many years – the institutions were independently developing provisions and governing with them during settlement and evictions of students. We have elaborated the Order for the purposes of making the only ground of understanding of such process by administrations and of implementation of the only rules of governing in each VET school in Ukraine. Notably, it clearly defines that the accommodation must be free-of-charge. Taking into account that students of VET schools , unfortunately, receive small grants in comparison with students of higher educational institutions, the factor of rent-free residence is important”, - the Director-General  of the vocational education and training Directorate of the Ministry of Education and Science Iryna Shumik emphasized.

The document outlines that administration , first of all, must provide with rooms students, who pretends for settlement. They must be given a bed, a wardrobe, a chair, bedclothes  etc.

Subject to space-available basis, the administration may offer accommodation in dormitories for educators and their families, for people who are in the business trip to institution, for student’s relatives etc. The Order also provides that the applicants from temporarily occupied territories of Donbass and Crimea, foreigners and nonresidents may settle in dormitories during the campaign of application.

A place in dormitories may in primary way be given to people as follows :

  • orphans and children , who do not have parental protection, individuals with the same characteristics, and students, who have lost their parents in the age of 18 to 23 during studying;
  • people, who have been subsequently affected by Chernobyl disaster and have the respective benefits;
  • children with disabilities and people with disabilities of Groups 1 to 3;
  • people, who are provided with aimed governmental support to receive the vocational education and training  in public and communal institutions;
  • people, subject to Ukranian Act “On Increasing Prestige of Mining Work”, who are guaranteed to have accommodation in dormitories during studying;
  • people, who are provided for subject to the Ukranian Act “On Ensuring Civil Rights and Freedoms, and the Legal Regime on the Temporarily Occupied Territory of Ukraine”
  • people from low-income or large families;
  • other students, who are entitled pursuant to the Ukrainian legislation.

“All normative work that we are developing in the frames of reform-related areas, are directed on the enhancement of learning environment for students. Their interests and needs are key topic for all of us. Now we are working on the advancement of education quality. 180 training corps have been opened, now we are planning to open at least 45 in current year in order to initiate a project EU4Skills, due to which we are going to gain 58 million euro for the developing of that branch, the new standards are being prepared  for number of occupations. But it is important to bear in mind motivational climate for children for their enrollment at VET school” – Iryna Shumik stressed out.

It will be recalled that the Government had decided how the dual education must be implemented in Ukraine.