External Independent Evaluation (ZNO) in Mathematics will be mandatory and have two levels from 2021 onwards

Published 26 April 2019 at 16:22

The mandatory tests of Ukrainian State Exams (DPA) in the form of ZNO in 2021 year :

Ukrainian Language : two levels

Mathematics : two levels

History of Ukraine or Foreign language

+ Additional subjects at the choice of applicant held in the form of ZNO.

A system of passing the External Independent Evaluation (ZNO) for graduates will be completely different from 2021 onwards – there will be more mandatory tests and the exams in Ukrainian language and in Mathematics, which will have two levels of complexity. The Minister of Science and Education Liliia Hrynevych announced it today, at the 26 April, 2019, during an hour-long session concerning issues addressed to the Government held in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

“We are setting out to implement two-tier test in Ukrainian language from 2021 onwards : they will vary by a basic level – Ukrainian language as state – and by a deep learning level – Ukrainian language and literature. We are also planning to adopt the mandatory DPA in Mathematics in the form of ZNO from 2021 year. It will also be two-tier – that is, there will be easier and more difficult levels, according to the needs of applicant”, - Liliia Hrynevych explained.

She added that mathematics plays an important role in the cognitive development of children, therefore it is crucial to study it.

“The basic skills in mathematics are necessary for everyone – mathematics develops logical and abstract mindset. These are skills that all people should acquire, and countries increasingly modify an external exam in mathematics in obligatory form for all children after their graduation”, - The Minister mentioned.

A third mandatory test will be History of Ukraine or English Language at the choice of participant.

“It means that now we are seriously preparing for the strengthen of learning of mathematics as well as of English from 2021 onwards. These subjects are vitally needed for a person, who wants to be competitive in circumstances of modern world”, - Liliia Hrynevych pointed out.

Thus, the school graduates will pass the mandatory DPA in the form of ZNO in :

  • Ukrainian Language – 1 level, or in Ukrainian Language and Literature – 2 level;
  • Mathematics – 1 or 2 levels to choose from;
  • History of Ukraine or in English to choose from;

Participants also can pass additional exams in other subjects at their choice.

We should remind that it is registered more than 354 thousand people in ZNO-2019, of which  school graduates account for the majority.