VET schools: benefits of studying, subjects to be learn and acquisition of a profession - the Ministry of Education and Science introduces a series of informative videos for applicants

Published 29 April 2019 at 16:03

The Ministry of Education and Science has produced a series of videos that involve answers on the most popular questions about entrance in VET schools.  A section with informative videos was published on the website of the MES today, on the 29 April, 2019.

In those videos Iryna Shumik explains is it necessary or not to have a passport or a ZNO certificate for enrolment in VET schools, which subjects are studied by students, how many years are required in order to gain the vocational education and training etc.  For that moment, is published a first video on issue relating to the range of VET schools : how to choose the right one for you. In future this section will be updated for a few times per week.

“In the current year we are trying to change the form of communication with applicants and to give them more necessary information in suitable format. For instance, we collected information from regions regarding Open Days in VET schools and published it on the website of the MES in February. Some sections of Q&A were also prepared. There we constructively answered on the most important questions that are in interest of applicants concerning ZNO, receiving of a school certificate, employment prospects etc. Now a fair bit of that information is presented  in video format.”, - Iryna Shumik mentioned.

She also added that if an applicant  finds an answer on his question neither in an Q&A section nor in informative videos, he/she can address to the acceptance commission of an educational institution where he decided to enroll or to the Directorate of  Vocational Education , following the number (044) 287-89-14.

We should remind that External Independent Evaluation (ZNO) in Mathematics will be mandatory and have two levels from 2021 onwards.