Recognition of qualifications of refugees

An important principle of the Lisbon Convention is safeguards for the rights of refugees and persons amount to them to be legitimated, even if the qualifications awarded to them in the territory of one of the Parties can not be proved by documents.

The Order of the Ministry of Education and Science dated May 05, 2015, # 504 and registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on May 27, 2015, # 614/27059 frames the rules of proceduring recognition of qualifications for refugees and persons requiring additional or temporary protection including recognition of oreign education documents.

The recognition procedure for this category of applicants can be started without a complete set of documents. The reason for the commencement of the recognition procedure is, in this case, refugee’s certificate, a certificate of the person requiring additional protection, a certificate of the person to whom the interim protection was granted and corresponding application for the procedure.

To get the recognition procedure, refugees and persons requiring additional or temporary protection, submit available educational documents, Including those that are not listed, such as: copies of educational documents or periods of study, student ID card, a scholastic record, student's record book, course description, documents on informal education or other documents proven the fact of studying and / or qualification. Also the persons indicated above submit available work experience documents, such as: a work experience certificate, an employment contract, a labour book, job references or other support documents on relevant qualification.

If necessary information is not sufficient, the procedure for recognizing foreign educational documents of refugees and persons requiring additional or temporary protection may include examinations, tests, and interviews provided by the competent authority.