List of decisions of recognition and monitoring


Ukraine introduces a uniform system of registration of recognition certificates issued by all the corresponding competent authorities. This is an electronic journal of recognition of foreign educational documents in Ukraine. The certificates of various competent authorities shall have a single numbering and standard form as well as contain a standardized list of information. Any interested institution or person will have the opportunity to verify the presence of the decision (Сertificate) of recognition.

Registration in electronic format is obligatory. Registration of certificates is carried out through the Personal Cabinet on the site on ENIC Ukraine recognition.

To registrate Certificate, the competent authority fills in the electronic application in the Personal Cabinet and adds electronic copies of:

  • a foreign educational document;
  • an appendix to this document and / or another document that contains information on the content and duration of the curriculum, as well as the academic progress;
  • Documents referred to in subparagraphs 1 and 2 shall be submitted together with their translations certified in accordance with the established procedure. For documents made in English and Russian, translation is not required.
  • decision on the recognition of a foreign educational document;
  • application form for registration:
  • letter of consent on processing of personal data of the documents owner.

To register, become acquainted with detailed instruction.

More information can be obtained by calling  +380 (44) 486-20-43, +380 (44) 486-25-43.


Ministry together with The National Information Center of Academic Mobility monitor competent authorities concerning following the principles of the Lisbon Convention and its recommendations, as well as international treaties regulating the recognition and equivalence of education documents.

In the course of monitoring they check registration of records in the journal of electronic recognition accounting, completeness and correctness of the information entered, compliance of the decisions, made by the competent authorities, to the norms of the international and national normative legal acts. The information submitted to electronic recognition accounting by the competent authority can be tested by sending inquiries to foreign educational institutions, state authorities, network of national information centers on academic mobility and the recognition of ENIC-NARIC.