Sectoral Working Group "Education and Science"

SWG "Education and Science" coordinates the attraction  and use of international technical assistance to support government policies aimed to achieve strategic priorities in the fields of education and science:

  • high quality and affordable pre-school education
  • New Ukrainian School
  • high quality and affordable school education
  • modern vocational education and training
  • high quality higher education and development of adult education
  • development of science and innovation

SWG cross-cutting priorities:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Gender Equality
  • Education in Emergency

Регламент СРГ / SWG Regulations

SWG Chair:

  • Andrii VitrenkoFirst Deputy Minister of Education and Science
SWG Co-chairs:
  • Minna Hakkarainen, Counsellor of the Embassy of Finland in Ukraine 
  • Liudmila Lefter, Chief Education, UNICEF Ukraine
SWG Secretariat:
  • Expert Group for European Integration, Directorate for European Integration, Budgeting and Policy Coordination, (044) 481-32-08
Focal points:
SWG thematic subgroups:
  • Pre-school education & New Ukrainian School
  • Vocational education and training
  • Professional Pre-Higher, Higher and Adult Education
  • Science and innovations
  • Education in Emergency
  • Digital Transformation of Education and Science