The Government directed one billion UAH to the regions to subside NUS classrooms - this year they will get 2 months more to purchase the desks, didactics and computers for first-graders

Published 27 February 2019 at 11:46

The government has distributed and directed to the regions the amount of 1,215 billion hryvnias aimed at teacher training and the purchase of equipment for first-graders who will be studying at schools under the New Ukrainian School reform during the academic year of 2019‑2020. This regulation was adopted today, February 27, 2019.

«We had to face big problems with the delays in purchasing equipment for the New Ukrainian School just before the start of this academic year. Last year in April, we directed this billion towards the development of a new educational space, hoping that local governments would be able to make use of those funds promptly. Unfortunately, that did not happen. Therefore, this year we sent the funds another 2 months ahead. This means they will have six months in the field to prepare for the new school year. However, I urge local governments not to delay and start preparing for the procurement right now; every day counts here. Our first-graders have to come to the ready-to-work schools on September 1 – this is our common responsibility», – Liliya Hrynevych said.

It is anticipated that, like last year, these funds will be used on the grounds of co‑financing. Thus, the regional capitals will have to contribute at least 30% of their own funds (70 to 30 formula), regions and united territorial communities – not less than 10% (90 to 10 formula), the mountainous territories and the localities on the line of contact – only 5% (95 by 5 formula).

The total amount of equipment subventions, 950 million UAH, will be distributed between the purchases of furniture, teaching materials, computers and musical instruments. Thus:

25 percent of the allocated funds will be directed to the purchase of didactic materials. The distribution of subventions between the corresponding local budgets will be carried out in accordance with the clearly defined algorithm considering the number of grades in primary schools in one administrative territorial unit;

40 percent will be directed to the purchase of modern furnishings for the primary grades. This part of the funds will be distributed in proportion to the number of pupils in primary schools in one administrative-territorial unit;

35 percent of the allocated funds will go towards the purchase of musical instruments, computer equipment, and proper multimedia content for NUS. The distribution of subventions will be carried out considering the number of primary schools in one administrative territorial unit;

«Another fundamental position that we put into allocation in the past year as well, is the elimination of human factor when distributing these funds. That is why we laid the principle of proportionality in the resolution – that is, all funds are to be distributed in relation to the number of pupils, the number of grades and the number of schools that provide primary education», – Liliya Hrynevych explained.

260 million UAH more of this subvention will be directed towards the training of those teachers, who will be taking the first grades in the academic year of 2019-2020. 

We recall that the Government has also established the Coordinating Council, which will act to implement the NUS reform in the field, in particular, to control the use of allocated funds.