Access to Scopus and Web of Science and other resources provided by Elsevier and Clarivate

To support effectively the scientific activities of Ukrainian scientists Elsevier created an electronic resource center (, through which Ukrainian researchers may register and set up complimentary access to the company's important research tools – abstract, bibliographic database Scopus, full-text database ScienceDirect, researcher search module for establishing contacts and collaboration Researcher Discovery, educational platform Researcher Academy and software for managing bibliographic information Mendeley.

Access to Scopus is also preserved for institutions that previously connected it through the State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine.

In addition to the Scopus database and the ScienceDirect full-text database, Elsevier provided Ukrainian scientists with access to medical resources (, such as ClinicalKey, Complete Anatomy, Osmosis.

Clarivate decided to maintain access to the Web of Science database for Ukrainian institutions until the end of 2022.

Such access is available to institutions that previously applied for its connection to the State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine, other institutions that wish to connect such access for their employees should contact the State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine.

Clarivate specialists have created a resource center (, which contains a list of important electronic resources with software tools, information and ideas to support displaced researchers from Ukraine.

The web portal contains information on providing access to one of the largest abstract, bibliographic databases Web of Science for displaced Ukrainian scientists who previously had access to this database through their institutions in Ukraine.

Ex Libris, which is part of Clarivate, offers all Ukrainian libraries free use of the RapidILL interlibrary subscription system (, within which Ukrainian researchers, librarians and students are provided convenient remote access to the full-text collections of more than 500 libraries from around the world.

In addition, the Research Professional News portal ( publishes materials about events in Ukraine and their impact on the academic environment, information about opportunities created to support Ukrainian researchers.