Evaluation of Ukrainian Language Fluency

After the Law of Ukraine "On Public Service" became effective, the procedure for taking office as a public officer changed. Thus, Ukrainian language fluency is one of general requirements to persons running for a public office as set forth in the provisions of Article 20 of the said Law.

The provisions of Article 25 of the Law stipulate that a person willing to take part in a call for proposals shall submit a certificate of evaluation of Ukrainian language fluency.

To ensure the implementation of requirements of the Law and in pursuance of Paragraph two of Sub-clause 4 of Clause 15 of Section XI "Final and Transitional Provisions", the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine passed Resolution No. 301 "On Organization of Evaluation of Ukrainian Language Fluency of Public Office Seekers", dated 26 April 2017.

The above Resolution approves the Procedure for Evaluation of Ukrainian Language Fluency of Public Office Seekers as drawn up by the National Agency of Ukraine for Public Service on the basis of the Draft Standard of Ukrainian Language for Public Officers prepared by research fellows from the Institute of Philology of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

The said Procedure determines the mechanism of evaluation of fluency in the state language of public office seekers, specifically:

  • arrangement of work of the personnel review board;
  • membership of the personnel review board;
  • rights and obligations of the evaluation participants;
  • procedure for issuing a certificate, etc.