Viacheslav Kyrylenko met with leadership of pre-school educational institutions of Sumy

Published 07 February 2019 at 15:40

Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Viacheslav Kyrylenko held a meeting with principals and employees of preschool institutions and representatives of the Sumy local organization of the trade union of education and science employees. The meeting was also attended by lawmaker Oleh Medunytsia.

Particular attention was given to discussions related to raising prestige and wages of preschool workers. The Deputy Prime Minister stressed that this issue will soon be resolved at the national level.

"The draft law on Amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On Pre-School Education" is submitted to the Ministry of Education and Science for the public discussion. The document stipulates for  a gradual and significant increase in wages for educators and teachers of pre-school establishments. This bill will soon be approved by the Government and submitted to the Parliament. Thus, there will be established a clear legal provision which should be promptly carried out by local authorities. There will also be changes in the formation of a single wage scale", the Deputy Prime Minister stressed.

Apart from that, the leadership of the pre-school instritutions discussed with the Deputy Prime Minister problems of development of pre-school establishments regarding increase the number of seats in kindergartens. Viacheslav Kyrylenko stressed that in 2018, 24 thousand new places were created according to the approved government program and he emphasized that the Government is in a constant dialogue with the local authorities on this issue.

In the course of the meeting educators raised questions, put forward their proposals for reforming pre-school education and emphasized the importance of direct dialogue with the government official. The Deputy Minister thanked teachers for their longstanding and difficult work in the educational sphere.

Source: Governmental portal