Grantee Selection Process under ECW Multi-Year Resilience Program for Ukraine is launched

Published 08 March 2023 at 14:00

MYRP Coordination Group is announcing the launch of a call for Expression of Interest to apply for ECW funds. Education Cannot Wait Fund (ECW) committed to investing in the Multi-Year Resieline Program Window (MYRP) to address critical challenges and needs of Ukraine in education in emergency context. The purpose of this MYRP is to ensure continuity and resilience of education in a wartime as well as to support the well-being of war-affected children and educators.

MYRP is consisted of three key areas:

  1. Physical learning environments in Ukraine are safe and accessible
  2. Learning quality is improved through comprehensive support of the New Ukrainian School and VET reforms
  3. Children have sustainable and equitable access to learning, recovery and remedial support

For a more detailed description of the program directions, follow the link

Before submitting an application, please read carefully the selection criteria via this link.

To submit your Expression of Interest follow this link. Proposal submission deadline is March 15, 2023 at 7pm (EET).

Please, carefully read the description in the beginning of the questionnaire.

For additional information or clarifications contact