Ministry of Education and Science is keen on cooperating with Microsoft to develop the concept of digitalization of schools in Ukraine

Published 23 January 2019 at 18:33

Asum worth UAH 1 billion is included into budget for 2019 for the digitalization of schools in Ukraine. A qualitative use of this resource as well as logical planning of the process of expanding the access of schools to the Internet and modern technologies will create a concept that explains the architecture of this system and the logic of its development. This was stated by Minister of Education and Science Lilia Hrynevych during a meeting with representatives of Microsoft on January 23, 2019 in London within the framework of the World Education Forum.

"We increase the access of schools to modern technology. This envisages expanding access to the high-speed Internet in our schools, as well as purchasing equipment for children and teachers. In 2019, we have  nearly UAH 1 billion  for the stated purposes, but we strive to use this money as logically, optimally, with the greatest benefit to our children. Therefore, we need technical expertise, which will help to design the system most correctly. In view of our previous cooperation, we wanted to ask you to become one of our partners, to provide us with this technical assistance", Lilia Hrynevych stated during the meeting.

"The Ministry of Education and Science also plans to involve  a large number of experts  who are working in equipment, Internet services and software sectors in order to develop the most comprehensible concept of digitalization of Ukrainian schools. So, the specialists of Google and the Committee on Digital Educational Technologies under the Ministry of Education and Science have already  engaged in work", the Minister added.

It should be noted that Ministry of Education and Science is interested in cooperation with  Discovery, Britanica and MATIFIC to fill the National Educational e-Platform.