Support for Ukrainian scientists from Swiss research programs

Published 29 March 2022 at 14:20

Due to the full-scale Russian invasion foreign partners of the Ministry of Education  and Science of Ukraine invite Ukrainian scientists, innovators and researchers to join the projects. 

Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) offers research programs for Ukrainian scientists at the University of Bern:

  • project “Digital Health Innovation: a Governance Roadmap for Switzerland (D-GOVmap)” (more information is available on the website). The team of the project is working on a national policy roadmap for digital health innovation in Switzerland. Contact person: Daniel Hürlimann,;
  • project “A Mixed-Methods Inquiry into Social Entrepreneurs’ Crowdfunding Campaigns: How do Social Entrepreneurs Persuade Backers Through Verbal and Visual Communication?” (more information) for specialists in management, entrepreneurship, and sociology. Contact person: Pascal Dey (, Christian Hopp (;
  • project “Optimizing lipid production and in-situ extraction in biofilm immobilized microalgae” (more information) for specialists in biotechnology engineering, biotechnology, and microbiology. Contact person: Michael Hans-Peter Studer,;
  • project “Change in grassland functional composition via resource shifts driven by climate extremes” (more information) for specialists in plant ecology. Contact person: Andreas Stampfli,;
  • project “InPercept – System for detection and localization of non-authorized mobile phones in buildings” (more information) for specialists in electrical engineering, information, and communications technology. Contact person: Armin Schmidt,

Bern Academy of the Arts:

  • project “Italian provincial theatre and the Risorgimento” (more information) for specialists in the actors' studio, literature, history of arts, musicology, and computer science. Contact person: Annette Kappeler,;
  • projects “Performance: conservation, materiality, knowledge” and “Activation Fluxus”. Contact person: Dr. Hanna Hölling,;
  • project “Luigi Cherubini und die Kompositionslehre am Pariser Conservatoire”. Contact person: Claudio Bacciagaluppi, 

NRP “Smarter Health Care” invites specialists in social and medical sciences (anthropology, nursing, sociology, health, social work, etc.), to join the project “Development of caring communities for long-term care at home” (more information). Contact person: Dr. Heidi Kaspar,

Project “Mental health in performance sport” invites specialists in the field of sport, mental health, and statistics (more information). Contact person: Philipp Roethlin,

Project “Settings of Dying” focused on studying the life cycle and death invites specialists in the fields of medical science, sociology, religion, and culturology (more information). Contact person: Corina Caduff,

NRP “Welfare and Coercion” invites specialists in the field of social sciences to join the project “From generation to generation: Family narratives within the context of welfare and coercion” (more information). Contact person: Dr. phil. Andrea Abraham,

Bern University of Applied Sciences invites specialists in the fields of robotics, user interface, computer vision and design, and psychology, to join the project “Cobotics, digital skills and the re-humanization of work” (more information). Contact person: Prof. Dr. Sarah Dégallier Rochat,

Project “Heart Rate Variability, Dynamics and Control During Exercise” invites specialists in the fields of medical engineering, cardiovascular and common physiology (more information). Contact person: Kenneth Hunt,

Specialists in the fields of AI, energy industry, and operations research are invited to join the project “Probabilistic Intraday Forecasting of Photovoltaic Power generation for the Swiss Plateau” (more information). Contact person: Angela Meyer,

Swiss Federal Institute of Sport Magglingen SFISM invites specialists in the fields of biomechanics, sports technologies, SmartTech, and computer science to join the project “DigitalTwin” (more information).